AdSense Ready Websites---Review

AdSense Ready Websites are being made for people who would like to make some extra money online but do not have enough knowledge and professional skills in programming, designing and developing a website. They are also there for any Internet Marketer who would rather spend his time in marketing these websites instead of having to do the research, get the content, develop the websites... as you can imagine, it can takes endless hours to do all this. What we have done for you once again, we went and did a survey, we have explored today's market for you and came up with an absolute best solution for you, as they stood out way above the rest of the crowd.

adsense minisites

I've been using minisites These people really know their game! Instead of giving you hundreds of websites at one time, they let you grow with them. They offer monthly subscription, where you can get 5 new websites each month and VERY importantly, all these sites have incorporated AdSense ads on each page as well as Info Products, usually good sellers from ClickBank. I have to explain for people who don't know what this means.

Anyone can join ClickBank and become an Affiliate. That gives you the right to sell any of their listed products where you get very high commissions (usually more than 50% of the sale price). Perfect scenario would look like this: The visitor of your website gets interested in the ad on your page, clicks on it which takes him straight to the sales page of that product. If he makes a purchase - you get the commission. It really works great. Now with two of these 5 websites come with their own Info Products with resell rights. This means that once your visitors decide to purchase any of these products (instead of just clicking on AdSense ads) you get to keep all the money from the sale. It's like your own product that you own and sell.

Everything is incorporated in your websites and it's very easy to use. Better yet, all the clicking, selling, linking... it's all happening in the background - it's automated.

You'll also find something they call "Membership Vault". Inside, you will find loads of e-books, software and other Info Products, most of them with resell rights, which means that not only you will be able to use them, learn from them - you will be able to sell them and keep all the profits. Great value, in my opinion.


Website Tip

Here's a quick tip on how to use minisites. Are you one of those internet marketers that thinks of an check the domain name and its buy it!

How many domains do you have sitting around doing nothing?

Hosting is cheap these days, I use these minisites to start sites that I've just not gotten around to yet! Its a great way to get some content up quickly and let the search engines know your domain is up and running.

You can build your site around the minisite or dump it when your ready and start from scratch.


On occaision I've needed to contact their support system. I give them 2 thumbs up for quick and effective response. Their support team is simply unrivaled. I really have to commend these guys on their top quality response!

The folks at Adsense Ready Websites definitely provide a quality product. They also keep up with the industry constantly watching the trends and high paying keywords with AdSense. Also to mention their unique system that is busy rotating certain portions on each page EVERY time the page gets refreshed, including search engines visiting your page, every time seeing it a bit different. Search engines love to see this as it looks like a constantly updated page! This helps with page ranking high in search engines, bringing you lots of free traffic which is great. All this happens on its own, in the background.

Them membership is limited to 500 members, even though they have above mentioned system that makes all their sites unique. The moment you upload your new website, it becomes different then other members have, so there are no issues like duplicate content. Once again, is on top when it comes to over delivering! They have so much to give and they do that in their own way, making members feel very safe and at home. There is simply no other company playing this game at that level. As far as we are concerned, they have no competition at all.