Mini-Site Specials

150 Adsense Sites great way to start your site, easily edited and configured

Heart Disease Minisite comes complete with articles, autoresponder messages and ebook!

Adsense Ready Websites monthly websites configured with plr products, clickbank, adsense and other income

XSitePro Tutorials for minisite editing....html tutorials to be added

Easily Add Content Rich Webpages
to Your Website Today!

Are You Prepared for Unlimited Income Possibilites by Easily Increasing Your Virtual Real Estate Empire

You Want An Online Income!

You've dabbled with Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and a variety of other methods of montetizing your websites. Are you still struggling to make your first $100 online? Maybe you're getting close but the checks are too sporadic.

You're looking for the type of income that's on automated pilot. You want to set up the websites, do some tweaking and let the cash roll in!

Is it a fantasy? Is anyone really making any money online? How can you really cash in?

I don't want to dissillusion your, but there is no "magic bullet". I will say that the goal of making money online is attainable. Also, there's more than one way of doing it.

I want you to consider one way that works....Virtual Real Estate.

Ask yourself this question. Would I stand a better chance of someone finding my website and purchasing a product if I had one webpage or would I have a better chance if I had 10,000 webpages?


The obvious answer would be, the more pages, the more exposure and the better chance someone would land on a page owned by you and buy your product, service or click on your links.

Now you can grow your own Virtural Real Estate Empire through Niche-Minisites! These sites can be used to grow your Google Adsense income, increase your affiliate sales or build your niche marketing list.

Each site is built around tightly focused niche markets. These sites are pure content from a variety of article sources, rss feeds, public domain writing and press releases to name just a few of the content sources.

The sites are configured so that you can easily change the website and create a website that is unique to you and you alone.